The Tortoise and the Facial Hair

Yowzers, the past few weeks have been BUSY at the Zack Rock Brothers Illustration & Novelty Beards factory.

On the beard end, we've been prototyping something called "cloud bearding." Need more beard to store food crumbs and condiment drippings in, but running low on face space? With cloud bearding, your mastication memories are automatically uploaded to the cloud and accessible from any WiFi hotspot. The boys at R&D tell me this is the future of facial hair, and a far better alternative to our malfunction-prone USB "flash beards," which were sparking a worrisome amount of face fires.

In the illustration department, studio time has been dedicated to a massive project I can disclosed exactly nothing about, except to say it involves a lot of sushi and one blind dog. Until that can be unveiled, I've been working to pad my editorial portfolio by illustrating interesting old articles I find on the 'net. This is my Escher-esque take on a Guardian article on the phenomenon of "slow reading." Really fun to paint, except for the half hour I spent Googling photo references of a cup of tea, forgetting entirely I was already drinking an actual cup of tea.


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