"How Picture Books Can Change the World" Lecture Video

Here it is, the video for the lecture I delivered last Tuesday at the Adventure School Store!

Thanks to Aviva Palmer for inviting me to participate in the lecture series, Mathew Chasan for the video handiwork, Brian Murphy for feedback on the first draft of the lecture, Greg Flores for the poster design, and Erin Gainey for getting the word out. Also, thanks to everyone who took time out of their Tuesday evenings to attend, you guys were wonderful and had some really great questions (which, unfortunately did not get recorded).

Hope those of you who couldn't make it enjoy the video, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to shoot them my way!

Oh, and all images in the video are copyright their respective owners. Durr.

How Picture Books Can Change The World

This Tuesday at The Adventure School Store, I'll be delivering a lecture entitled "How Picture Books Can Change the World." Should be a lot of fun! I'm pretty passionate about the subject, and it's an honor to be given the opportunity to share that passion with others. For those who can't make it, I'll try'n get some video of the lecture up here. Here's the official info [taken from The Adventure School Facebook page]:

Lecture: How Picture Books Can Change The World, with Illustrator Zack Rock

Time Tuesday, August 16 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Location The Adventure School 

610 2nd Avenue

Seattle, Washington

Created By

The Adventure School

More Info Picturebooks, those slim volumes that magically weave together images and words, are the first window readers have to the universe of possibilities outside their firsthand experiences. Often simply illustrated and written, picturebooks nonetheless foster an intricate bond with their audience—one that is better understood in terms of creation rather than consumption. Drawing upon semiotic theory, as well as classic and contemporary titles, illustrator Zack Rock explores the nature of picturebooks, how they can shape reality itself, and how they can even change the world. 

Tickets to this lecture are $3 and are available for purchase at the door or in our online store:


art walk plus new work

Greetings my patient and loyal readers! I know it’s been kind of a while since my last post, and for that I apologize. BUT! You shall soon see that, not unlike holding a garden hose in a knot for a minute and then releasing, I have accrued a drenchingly large amount of news for you. So, consider yourself in the “Splash Zone.”



UPDATE: I canceled the showing at Blue Highway Games, rendering the above image unnecessary. Why do I keep it up? Eh, I like how it breaks up the post.

For starters, this Thursday, the 19th of June, I will be participating in the Queen Anne Art Walk. My illustrations will be exhibited at Queen Anne’s favorite gaming store, Blue Highway Games (2203 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA). The Art Walk starts at 5pm, and I’ll be there for as long as I can possibly stand it. It should be mentioned that Blue Highway has a library of open board games that customers are welcome to test play, so regardless of whether they’re showing my stuff, you should plan a visit.

An Unintended DiscoverySecondly, I’ve got a new piece finished! I’m calling it “An Unintended Discovery,” but you may know it as “That Piece Zack Has Had On His Drawing Board For, Like, A Billion Years.” I like how it turned out, and want to include it on my portfolio site. HOWEVER, I’ve only got so much room there! I’M NOT MADE OF MEGABITES, PEOPLE! So, I’ll need to kick something out of my portfolio. If you have any suggestions on which of my many crimes against the visual arts to remove, please, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

Lastly, I would like to say that, although there’s been a major dearth in posting, I promise I will put up more fabulous fabulous art in the very near future. I wish I could blame my new job for the lack of personal work being posted, but, alas, what’s more likely is that video games are the culprit (you’d be surprised how many video games one can play if they’re convinced it’s “research”). So stay turned to this blog for more illustration excitement. Or… you know… more excuses. One of the two.

That is all.