Domo Arigato, Mr. Rockboto

Monday Sketcharoo!MathewBDay

[NOTE: The text to follow has been translated from the original Japanese via Babelfish]

Therefore, some time ago that my friend Mathew's Was; The birthday of him. He me and in order to connect him and the large group of that friend at this really splendid restaurant, invited my wife. And as for me evening's You thought that the card we would like to draw him before, it had; Even unfortunately the meal of him, but my hand could carpal tunnel syndrome and to disabled. With that, advances several months, my hand still doesn' Hurting, still Mathew; There is sketch of birthday in still none. Therefore, pain it is not absurd for the or more of this to wait, Mathew and here's Happiness, which lately desires birthday largely!

[End translation]


Two weeks ago I asked you to come up with the puuuuuuuurrfect, er, doggone best name for the puppy whose drawing I'd posted. At the time, I failed to state how long it would take me to decide the winning answer. Well, let me tell you now: the contest will be concluded as soon as I finish typing this sentence I am typing right now on my computer keyboard DING! TIME'S UP! The correct answer, was Snickers! Snickers the puppy. No one said Snickers? C'mon, get with the program people, he's obviously a Snickers!

Well, since nobody said Snickers, I'll give THE GRAND PRIZE, an autographed copy of the terrible "Hansel and Gretel" comic I drew, to the runner-up. And the winner is... it's a tie!

Chernobyl & Pope Pius XIII, submitted by Katherine and James Moes (respectively)! On odd-numbered days, the puppy is Chernobyl, on even-numbered days, Pope Pius XIII. On even-numbered days, you may also refer to him by his nickname, Little Popey Poopers. Since there was only one grand prize, I'm afraid Katherine and James that you'll have to share the spoils. Luckily enough, you two also share an apartment, so I don't see this as an issue.

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for all your entries, they were all great! I'm very lucky to have as creative a reading public as I do!

OH, and I should point out, the above image was HEAVILY influenced by the work of 64 Colors. I recommend visiting their site and picking up a print, they're AWESOME.

Puppy Love (in this Club)

Monday Sketcharoo!PuppyLoveHmmmmmm... I don't know quite what to say about today's Sketcharoo. It was done before I had a good grasp of Photoshop, and the original drawing was created while waiting in the Honda service center for my car to be fixed, so... yeah. Beyond that... uh...

Here's an idea: let's pretend I just spent the last few hours nursing a liter of pumpkin ale while watching Robocop with my friend Mathew, and am too tired to think of anything to clever to say, so... I dunno, leave a name for the puppy in the comments section, best name gets an autographed copy of that terrible comic I did a few months ago! Hooray!

Take Another Little Piece of My Art

Monday Sketcharoo! Lopez!

Here he is, folks, the winner of the first Contestaroo: Chris "Lopez" Lopez, host of the podcast Classic Rock Liberation and all-around good buddy. We brainstormed a bit after he won and decided to make his illustration broadcast-related so he can use it on his site. And what could be more broadcasty than an LP sticker of Lopez DJing into an old-timey mic? NOTHING, except maybe if the podcast was named Edward R. Murrow Liberation or something.

Anywho, if you're into classic rock at all, I'd recommend taking a listen his podcasts. They're well produced and feature a lot of bands you'd probably never heard of, along with historical contextualizing of bands we're all familiar with. Good stuff!

Contestaroo Winner!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd time’s up! Please put your pencils down and swap puns with your neighbor. To recap, you were challenged to find the correct title for the image I have here on the overhead projector:

Contestaroo Answer Key


As you can see, there is a giant bird on a certain type of automobile chasing an elephant. The bird, as the clue from last week eluded to (hope you took notes), was a roc, a creature made famous in such literature as 1,001 Nights and the journals of Marco Polo. The elephant was added for scale, since the roc is known to be large enough to carry the pachyderm in its massive talons. The type of automobile is actually a go-kart, made large enough to fit a roc. And if a kart is made specifically for a roc, it is a “roc kart.” And if it is drawn by me, Zack Rock, that “roc kart” is a piece of “Rock art.” Hence, I will accept as a title for this image either:

Rock Art: Roc Kart


Roc Kart = Rock Art

Or, heck, even

Roc Kart? Rock Art

Anything like that. Now, check your neighbor’s answer to see if they got it right. Please pass the puns to the front. Let’s see here… hmmmm… I see... oh my, so it seems that not one of you got the correct answer. And since this was the final, I suppose I’ll have to recommend most of you take Remedial Punnery next semester.

However, since I grade on the curve, we need at least one A+ student, and based on my own subjective sense of humor the funniest pun of the bunch was submitted by class president and all-star quarterback Chris Lopez for his submission: Republicans Run, Ill-eagle Race! Congratulations, Lopez! Looks like I’ll be drawing your portrait for an upcoming Monday Sketcharoo! Hand in some photographs of yourself and I’ll see what I can do.

Oops, that’s the bell. Thank you all for participating! All the submissions were great, I wish I had prizes for runner-ups! We’ll have to do this again soon!

It's the Final Countdown!

This is a reminder that today is the LAST DAY to get in your submission for the now world-famous and celebrity-endorsed Contestaroo! I've got a lot of great puns piled up in the comments section, but so far none of them are the correct title of the drawing. Tomorrow, in the event no-one figures out the actual title, I will reveal it AND, I'll pick the best pun from the lot. It's author will have bestowed upon him/her the Grand Prize: their glorious visage made immortal by my skilled hands (i. e., I draw yer mug). So send in your final hour submissions, keep the clue in mind, and best of luck to ye!

NOTE: Monday Sketcharoo will return tomorrow with a brand new sketch. That's right! It'll be Monday on a Tuesday, just like the old fortune-telling crone predicted!