Too cool for T'Kull

Monday Sketcharoo!With the financial crisis well underway, and the apocalypse nigh upon us, everyone continues to place the blame on the greedy fat cats on Wall Street. And while those striped, orange, lasagna-loving Wall Street fat cats do deserve much of the blame, too often we forget the real culprits work on Main Street. That's right, I mean the short-sighted, house-flipping, irresponsible occultist realtors. Just take a look at this newspaper ad from 2006:T’Kull Realty She'll get you into a house, even though you've got terrible credit? That's just evil.

CONTEST UPDATE: In other news, there's only one week left to get in your submission for the Contestaroo! And while I am absolutely loving all the entries I've got so far, I heard through the grapevine that you guys might like to have a clue to guide you in your punnery. And while I'm a bit hesitant to clip the wings of your creativity, I shall relent. So here it is, your very own rhyming clue:

While taking jabs at politics and things like that is fun,

it puts you on the wrong racetrack for finding the right pun.

You'd be advised to check the size of the auto-driving fowl,

compared against the elephant that feathered hunter prowls.

And get your mind off GOPs and Dems, try instead Sisyphus,

for that's no eagle, but an ancient bird from well known myths.

BUT I'VE ALREADY SAID TOO MUCH! Hopes this helps! Remember, if no one gets the real title, the best pun still wins, so if the above clue was gibberish to you, don't be afraid to toss it out and come up with something else entirely.

And happy punning!

You mean they make more then beer up there?

Blanchet Poster

This poster was illustrated by Pascal Blanchet, a man whose abounding creativity leaps right off the page and kicks the viewer in the face. It was created in response to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “bare-bones approach to arts-funding” (to quote Canadian author Yann Martel, who has decided to protest in his own unique fashion). Oh, for those of my readership who don’t know Harper’s reputation, he’s basically the George Bush of Canada. Yeah, that bad.

Now, as a red white and blue-blooded, bald eagle making out with, Iraqi-invading under false pretenses American, I have been appalled time and again to discover my favorite cartoons and cartoonists are –good lord,choke!- Canadian. “The Cat Came Back,” CANADIAN. New Yorker-esque cartoonist extraordinaire Seth, CANADIAN. “Ren and Stimpy” creator John K, CANADIAN. Chester Brown, CANDIAN (okay, so considering his magnum opus is a biography of Louis Riel, I saw that one coming). I suppose when the weather constantly forces you indoors, you have to find something to do with your time.

Well, here’s a salute to those hard-working Canadians artist, and here’s hoping Harper and his conservative cronies will get their TimBits handed to them this coming election.

For more Pascal Blanchet, who makes amazing comics himself, go here. You will not be disappointed.