Do you live in Taiwan, or know someone from Taiwan, or are an ambassador to the UN from a country with healthy diplomatic relations with Taiwan and have no scruples against using your position to pull a few strings, magazine-wise?


dpi Magazine, the great Taiwanese journal of illustration art, has recently released their 2013 Bologna Book Fair retrospective, which includes a short interview with your's truly and a selection from my book Mel Goaté and the Purple Velvet Tuxedo. I can't remember what I said in the interview, but I'm sure it's brilliant and well worth a trip to Google Translate. Also included are other, not-me illustrators from the Fair whose work'll make you feel like you've been socked in the eyeballs with a rainbow.

So if you've got 480 Taiwanese dollars laying around, pick up a copy today! And I promise that next post will have nothing to do with either Bologna or magazines.


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