Getting Creative

Some keen-eyed readers may have noticed a buried lead in the recent profile of me on the amazing Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog. Amidst the goat illustrations and Marmite gags was news that I've been working with the Creative Company to get my first picture book out the door. At the time, I had been collaborating with Creative's editor and art director, pruning the superfluous elements and focusing some of the details of my proposal in an effort to tighten it up. I did not, however, have a contract for the book itself.

That all changed last week. After spending a lifetime drawing and dreaming of one day getting my own book into print, I'm inexpressibly happy to say I'm now officially under contract with Creative to have my first children's picture book published in 2014!

Having a story I both wrote and illustrated living free range out in the world is going to be phenomenal enough. But it is an exceptional honor to have it published by the Creative Company. Few publishers in the world produce books as beautiful and poignant as those released by Creative. To give you a sense of what I mean, let me show you some of the other illustrators they've already worked with:

Michael Sowa


Gary Kelley


Roberto Innocenti


Etienne Delessert


André François


Fabian Negrin


Breathtaking, no?

I'll keep you updated to the progress of the book throughout the coming months. There's still lots of work left to do, but knowing it'll all add up to a finished book will spur me forward like a manic racehorse. Well, the congratulatory artisanal chocolate will help, too.

You have sent some congratulatory artisanal chocolate, haven't you? HMMM?


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