Basket Case

Continuing my foray into editorial illustration, here's a piece to accompany an article by the late David Rakoff, "A Basket Case in North Carolina."

If you listen to NPR or have visited a bookstore or opened a newspaper or magazine in the past few years, Rakoff's should be a familiar voice. His journalistic exposés on everything from cryogenic freezing to cleansing diets to his own battle with cancer are marked with humor, insight, and the occasional lazer-guided quip that would so throughly eviscerate his deserving targets that you nearly feel sorry for them (nearly). He was also a memorable screen and voice actor, able to play a misanthropic New York nihilist and Dr. Seuss with equal acuity. He succumbed to cancer on the 9th, and the world is poorer for losing him.

This American Life, Wiretap, and Fresh Air have all broadcast tributes, and I would compel anyone unfamiliar with Rakoff's singular talent to give them a listen.


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