As my fellow Americans prepare to observe the anniversary of this nation's independence by overeating unhealthy foods, blowing stuff up, and basically showing we require constant supervision after all, I'll be celebrating a double independence day.

For last year, upon my return from England's shores, I found myself bent beneath the oppressive yoke of my friends Brian and Jen and their offer of free housing until I could find my own place. It was a hard-fought struggle, but after a painful month I finally shattered the chains of no rent, tore off the manacles of delicious homemade dinners, carefully disassembled the chastity belt of free beer, and on July 3rd, 2011, I struck out on my own! Take that, tyrants!

To commemorate the day, I created the above painting for my friends. Now they'll have something to hang above the large empty space in their guest room. Because just like young America maintained the language and culture of their former oppressors, I totally took Brian and Jen's extra bed. Thanks, guys.

Happy Independence Day!


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