A Banner Day

Recently Burgin Streetman, proprietor of the delightful and insightful Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves blog, asked if I could create a new banner for her site. You may remember I had previously worked with Burgin on a portrait of her son riding a falcon, a job that combined my two favorite things: drawing birds and getting paid to draw birds. Never missing an opportunity to work with a client that constantly tells me I deserve a Caldecott (seriously, she's very kind and complementary), I took on the banner gig and had a heck of a lot of fun populating the piece with a menagerie of beloved children's book characters. You've got the Frog Prince there, and one of the Three Little Pigs; the now real Velveteen Rabbit on the other side of the book from one of the Three Blind Mice who got corrective eye surgery. Then of course there's Anton the Psychic Tiger, Triceratops from the book "Triceratops," and Carl, the Fox Bookie.

Carl was late because he had business to attend to. It's best not to ask about Carl's business.

Anyway, above is a fun little progress image I made, showing the illustration in sketch stage, then inked, then watercolored. If you want to see the completed image, head over to Vintage Kids' Book My Kid Loves! And spend some time exploring the site, you'll be very glad you did.


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