Satie Time

Boy howdy, there has been a flurry of activity between this post and last. Hopefully I'll soon get around to a longer post about my trip to London and gallery show there, but for now I'll just say it was great. Even the part where the drunk guy in the pub bathroom accused me of being Canadian, asked if I played Sudoku, then literally kicked my butt out the bathroom door. I assume he was some sort of Lord or something. Just like Downton Abbey! SO EXOTIC!

For now, here's a quick(ish) portrait of my favorite eccentric French Dadaist composer, Erik Satie. He's regarded as the father of ambient music, coining the term musique d’ameublement ("furniture" or "wallpaper" music) to describe a genre of music meant to be played in the background. Satie is also the genius behind the three Gymnopedies compositions, a snippet from the first of which can be heard here. And he owned over 100 umbrellas. Hero.


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