Cover me

Last week I took a break from generating farm-based music puns for my picturebook (Radiohen! The Guess Moo! Pjörk! Please! Kill me!) to work on a cover illustration for the catalogue of the upcoming graduation exhibition for my MA course. All the students who'll be featured in the exhibition were invited to create an original piece that captures the essence of course, and then everyone votes on which piece is best-suited to adorn the cover. Kind of a big deal. Just ask the student who drew last year's cover. Oh wait, you can't because you don't have a space phone that calls rocketships fueled by gold doubloons and publishing contracts.

Anyway, the above is what I came up with. I know, I know. It's a little abstruse. Allow me to unpack it for you: heedlessly leaping into a self-luminous picturebook will result in your being book-pooped out a wizard. Got that? No? Oh, well maybe that's why it didn't get picked.

I also created a little number for the back of the cover to act as a solemn warning for anyone irresponsible enough to leave their self-luminous wizard-pooping books lying around.

More like Man's Best FIEND! Haha! Aaaaahaha.


Ludwig van Beefhoven! Squeal Diamond! Baaaaaahhhhhdfinger!


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