Bird brain

For the final Nancy Drew adventure I worked on at Her Interactive, The Captive Curse, I was tasked to create an illustration for a card game featuring made-up folk tale characters. FOR SOME REASON, they assigned me the character named "Professor Sparrow." Go figure.

Given I basically only had a name to work from, and that it was one of the last things I'd ever do for the company, I decided to go a bit over-the-top with the art. And by over-the-top, I mean I blindly charged beret-first into the gaseous cloud of the arty farty.

Essentially, this piece is an exploration of the phenomenon of anthropomorphism. Here, the professor considers a butterfly that has lighted upon his book. The title of the book, A Sound of Thunder, is a short story by Ray Bradbury (or, I guess in this case, Ray Bradbirdy) in which a time traveler accidentally changes the course of history by stepping on a prehistoric butterfly . The implication: even the most minor change to universe's history could have resulted in another species gaining the evolutionary upper-hand instead of humans. Think about it.

"A Sound of Thunder" also refers to the noise your head made when I blew your mind just then.

So many layers.


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