Remember the Something Something...

A while back, I created a shirt design for Shirt.Woot, an awesome t-shirt company that releases one design a day on discount to whomever is lucky enough to visit the site before it sells out. As you can see, my idea was a riff off the old Memory game, only with memorable historical events instead of arbitrary illustrations of ladybugs or dialysis machines or whatnot. Given that I submitted the design back in February, I had a long time to build buzz for the shirt before its unveiling. So, I worked to create a massive equality gap between the richest Americans and the poorest. Then, I fostered discontent among the 99% of Americans who are seeing their income shrink while the wealth of the affluent increases. Lastly, I encouraged the 99% to occupy Wall Street and express their anger using the image of Guy Fawkes, who just happens to appear on my shirt.


Now buy a shirt! And try to buy it today while it's discounted!

Oh, and the above is a blog-worthy version of the design with slightly different colors. The actual shirt design looks like this: