Goat Gloat

Here we have your average family of goats, just back from a trip to the mall! Papa goat found some tools at Horn Depot, Mama goat picked up a few items at Bleat, Baaaahhhhhhh and Beyond, and wee little Baby goat got a few knick-knacks at Targoat. The whole family seems very pleased with their purchases. And why not? Everyone knows goats are ravenous consumers!

After many weeks of drawing goat after goat in a bunch of different styles and situations, I think I'm about ready to begin working on my book in earnest. A script has been drafted, the main character is (almost) designed, the existential motivation to make something worthwhile before I die is revving in the pit of my stomach. All that's left is WORK WORK WORK.

I'll keep you guys updated as more finished illustrations come down the line. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this little preview. Also, don't get too attached to the sketch above; it didn't make it into the script.

Oh, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to fellow Cambridge School of Art MA in Children's Book Illustration student and world-class illustrator Anca Sandu for compiling a bunch of reference photos for me from her recent excursion into goatland. Her own take on the subject puts my efforts to shame. Be sure to check out Anca's Society6 and Etsy stores!