The Mystery Shack

The sheep-wagon driver drops Euell off at the closest establishment with a public payphone: The Mystery Shack! Built on a negative energy anti-ion vortex, the Mystery Shack breaks all the laws of physics (also, a few city ordinances)!

SEE: The Parlor of Floating Bowling Balls!

GAWK AT: The Balancing Broom!

FLEE FROM: The Hallway of Unflattering Mirrors!

TRY YOUR LUCK WITH: The Weightless Commode!

So much to do, it's a MYSTERY you're not already there!

If this postcard looks familiar to you, it's possible you've seen it on my updated portfolio site (it's also possible you're psychic). I've recently added a whooping 27 images to the portfolio, two of which I haven't shared before. So if you haven't visit yet before, check out the updated site and see if you can spot the other new illustration. Also, let me know what you think about the update by leaving a comment below.

And thanks!


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