Postcards to Penelope

Alright! After spending a truckload of time with the guy during the past few weeks, it's time to introduce you to the main character of my next project: Euell.

Who's Euell, you might ask? And why didn't I add details for his jacket button (forget, just noticed now, sigh)?

Well, Euell is a traveling encyclopedia salesman in the 1960s, and he just been awarded Salesman of the Year Award at the annual Athena Encyclopedia conference in Troy, MI. Now all he needs to do is get back to Ithaca, NY to celebrate with his beloved Penelope. But trouble's brewing on the journey, and Euell must overcome a variety of obstacles (including his own massive ego) before he can gaze upon his home again. His story is told through postcards sent back home, each from roadside attractions populated by freaks, witches, ghosts and monsters.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, the postcards themselves will be done in Photoshop, but the accompanying illustrations will be in the style above. Instead of ink, I'm using colored pencils to outline the characters. Should look nice! I hope!

As always, thoughts and comments are appreciated. Thanks!


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