Gargoyle at Great St Mary's

Earlier I made an emphatic declaration that I would not be featuring any sketches from the first semester of my program on this blog. And I stand by that, 89%-heartedly. So, regardless of how unfinished and quick the above drawing looks, trust me when I say it was done from a photograph in the comfort of my home, over many hours, and that's why it looks even remotely presentable.

Depicted in the above illustration is a gargoyle from the side of the entrance of Great St Mary's church in Cambridge. Great St Mary's is the "university church" for Cambridge, meaning all university officers must live within twenty miles of it, and all students three. Construction on the current building commenced in 1478, though a church has been present on the spot since 1205. There's other fun facts available on Wikipedia, but omg I'm still so tried of the churches around here. You ever try'n draw the interior of medieval churches eight hours a day for six weeks? Lemme tell ya, they weren't widely-known for their amazing heating systems. I should be honorarily ordained in the Church of England for the fingers I lost to frostbite in these places, jeez!



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