Squirrels Gone Wild

Drewsday?! On a Monday?! What kinda mixed-up world is this?! THE BEST KIND.

To make up for the weeks of silence on the blog, I've dedicated this week entirely to Drewsdays. Well, Monday through Friday, at least. You should really be outside on Saturday. And Sunday, well. That's Godsday.

Unlike the product art I've recently been posting, the upcoming confections were named by someone else in the company as part of a contest. I was just in charge of making them look delicious and, in some cases, not insane.

Before today's piece, though, it's incumbent upon me to cite the book Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising With Character by Warren Dotz as a huge influence on how these and many of the other products turned out. I was shooting to make each product as distinct and interesting as possible, and I wouldn't have had half the success in that endeavor if it weren't for Dotz's book.

Nothing like a squirrel with a bouffant to get me in the mood for candy AMIRIGHTPEOPLEHIGHFIVEUPHERE!

I actually had to add the line defining her right arm much later in the design process. Previous to that, her paws were just represented by those two circles in front of her chest, and the creative director thought people might mistake those for... well... Auntie's melons.

You'd be shocked to know how much game-creation time is dedicated to finding and adjusting anything in the game that might be mistaken for a dirty organ.


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