Sugar. Oh, honey honey.

As you may have read last week, I'll soon be abandoning my job and moving to England to return to school. However, I've still got a truckload of artwork I did for Her Interactive to show you all. So don't fret! There're enough Drewsdays to last until 2011 at least. After that, I'll be starting a new stegment showcasing my collection of deck shoes and cashmere v-neck sweaters called JCrewsday.

No, that is a lie. Sorry, I lie like a dog sometimes! [transition approach...]

And speaking of dogs [transition success!], today's Drewsday features one of the most outstanding specimens of the canine community, Sugar! Sugar - family pet of my friend and Bar Exam-passing extraordinaire, Jonathan - endears herself to just about everyone she meets.


BOOM! You just got ENDEARED.

So when we needed a spokesbaker for the bag of sugar in Pa's store, I looked no further than the dog so sweet they renamed sucrose in her honor.

And don't worry about whether or not it's sanitary for her to bake cookies. Sugar practices a thorough regimen of washing prior to entering the kitchen:


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