And now for something completely different...

With apologies to Boris Vallejo and Chevy Chase. That image is pretty clear, right? I think it says it all.

Okay, what I’m trying to tell you is that after years of dreaming, hoping, chewing nails, sleepless nights, and developing a taste for whiskey, I’ve decided to quit the job I love to pursue an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University. Along for the ride are my supportive, genius-of-packing-and-planning wife and my ungrateful, good-for-nothing cat. Guess which one will be arriving in a cage!*

Oh, and did I mention we’ll all be living in Cambridge, UK for the next year and a half? Top drawer, gov’ner! Blimey! Fanny took a tipple in the loo! (Am I doing this right?)

So, starting in just about a month, I’ll be introducing a fun new feature: What Assignment is Zack Stressing About This Week?--LIVE from the UK! It might include sketches. It might just be a simulcast of me whimpering in a corner. But whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be an education.

*Depends on how bad my panic attacks get on the flight.