Carnival Barker 2: Electric Tattoo

Before landing a job as a 2-D artist at Her Interactive, I was a copywriter with Logos Bible Software. It was a miserable experience and I don't want to talk about it why did you even bring it up? Needless to say, writing marketing copy for evangelism handbooks written by Kirk Cameron wasn't really super artistically fulfilling. More like soul-destroying.

On one occasion, though, I was invited to contribute something to the company blog with an accompanying illustration. Jumping at the chance, I immediately started working on a little carnival barker shouting out the hottest deals on bible software. He even had the company logo tucked into his hat belt. ADORBS!

Little could I have imagined how often that drawing would be ripped from its original context and used on other unrelated websites. Nor could I have foreseen it would become the second hit if you Google Image search "carnival barker."

Baffling, truly baffling.

But not half as baffling as this:



Don't get me wrong, I'm honored and all. But if I knew people were going to go this nuts about the illustration, I would have spent more than 30 minutes on it. Or at least I would have erased the pencil markings completely.


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