Two birds in the hand

The perceptive among you will have noticed that last week there was no Sketcharoo. For this I am sorry. I realize there's no assuaging the flood of betrayal and hurt that you feel. Part of me thought that, as penance, the best course of action would be to just shut down my site, throw my computer out the window, and cut off my drawing hand. Instead, I cut off that part of me that thought that and now feel less guilty.

Besides, I painted two versions of this week's Sketchroo to make up for it!

FURTHER BONUS: I made an iPhone wallpaper of both versions, so take your pick:



I would be amiss not to mention how gratuitously I pilfered from John Martz's illustration style for the second version of the bird. Homeboy's got a great aesthetic and I couldn't help but try it out myself.

Oh, and for the record, that's a European Robin.


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