Oh, deer

Another illustration from the geography book I showed you guys a few weeks back. The book described the various sections of the United States, and initially I had wanted to create an illustration for each section. And I did, I did do that. I just didn't have enough time to actually ink and color all the sketches I completed. Booooooo.

The image above, the illustration I did for the Midwest, was the only one I completed. It depicts a White-tail Deer (Illinois's state animal), and a couple of Monarch Butterflies (Illinois state insect),  with the Cahokia Mounds behind them (an Illinois state historic site). It's nice, but honestly it's one of the weaker illustration I came up with. Maybe one day I'll finish the rest of them and let you see'em.

Until then, Lost is back on SO I GOTTA GO K BYE.


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