His name means "The Bull." I think you know why.

In the final moments of Ransom of the Seven Ships, Nancy Drew discovers the real reason she's been bidden to Dread Isle: to discover the hidden treasure of El Toro, a Spanish captain whose fleet went missing in the waters surrounding Dread Isle centuries ago!

Locked in the crypt of El Toro, the air around her oppressive, heavy, Nancy must gather her wits, examine her surroundings and... hey, is that El Toro there in that portrait?!

Good-lookin' guy! Kind of a girlie hairdo, but whateryagonnado?

This was one of my first complete digital paintings. I layered on the textures pretty heavy hoping they would cover up any awkwardness, made a few mistakes here and there, but figured the sheer manliness El Toro exudes would cover over a multitude of ineptitudes.

DANG but he is handsome.


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