Casual Set

DrewsdayCasual2I can draw tiny. I have always known this, it's one of the benefits of having an art education that consisted mostly of doodling in the margins of my school notebooks. But I didn't know just how tiny I could draw until I started working with the Casual department at Her Interactive. The above images were drawn at the size they are presented to you, I didn't paint them larger then shrink them down. In any one of them, a misplaced pixel would have ruined the whole piece. They're what we called "badges." In the casual series of Nancy Drew games, the players must navigate several hand-rendered environments, matching objects together - via their corresponding badges - to solve puzzles. These particular badges came from the last game in the casual series, and winner of the Yahoo's Best Hidden Object's Game of 2009, Resorting to Danger.

I know they're small and pretty bland, but I had a lot of fun working on them and am still amazed how well they turned out. I just wish the game had you match, like, dragons to monster trucks instead of light bulbs to light sockets.


Actually, I think maybe the monster truck-driving dragon game idea may have some potential.


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