Et tu, Art Brute?

DrewsdayArtBrutePaintAt last, the same paint used by your favorite abstract artists is now available at your local home improvment store! With Art Brute® brand latex paint, you can make your kitchen walls radiate with all the passion of a Jackson Pollock masterpiece - without the alcoholism! So simple to apply, even your 2nd grader can paint it! Also available in these fine colors: Orangeish, Eggplant Pink and Rex's Blues!

If you've played through Warnings at Waverly Academy and never saw this can of paint in the celler environment, don't worry, you're not alone. Here's the closest shot of it you get in the game:

SoSmallLGuess I got a little carried away when my 3-D partner requested a simple paint label that will just be in the background.


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