Reading Rainbow

DrewsdayOne of my favorite aspects of my job at Her Interactive is the chance to create in-game books. As an unrepentant biblioholic, I leap at the chance to put together covers, layouts, and, of course, illustrations for the books our players glean clues from to aid their quests.

In our latest game, Warnings at Waverly Academy, the player must search through an old school history book to solve a puzzle. Below is the illustration that opens the chapter, followed by a screenshot of how it appears in the game:



I included around seven different natural wonders in the illustration. Can you name all seven? I can't even name two at this point.

Of course, finding the book itself is a bit of a puzzle, since you have to dig through a box full of other out-of-date or discredited titles to reach it:


Oh, the memories I have of my tenth grade AP Psychic Powers class! How I miss the California educational system.

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ALSO: I was on the radio this morning, briefly, having been interviewed during the Sketchcrawl I went on a couple weeks ago. Listen in if you want to hear my sexy radio voice comment on one of Gabi Campanario's sketches.

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