Monday Sketcharoo! 2ZackandBrianYes, this is me. No, my legs are fine. Last Saturday was the 25th Worldwide Sketchcrawl, so I decided to bust out my watercolor travel materials and join the other sketchers amassing in Volunteer Park up on Capitol Hill. I was curious to find out whether or not I could pull off some on-the-spot watercolor sketches. And as it turns out, I can! They look like they we executed by a half-blind chimpanzee who was having difficulty recovering from his recent electroshock treatments, but if we're using the strict dictionary definition of "sketch," then yes, I technically sketched. Technically.

Anyway, here's the best sketch of the bunch:


I should note it was freezing cold and raining when I drew this. I should note this because engendering pity in my viewers' hearts tends to make my work more palatable.

Meanwhile, my friend Brian (pictured above) drew this:


Glorious, I know. It's this sort of brilliance that allows Brain to create his reasonably popular thrice-weekly comic strip.

If you want to see more work from the Sketchcrawl, including photos taken by Seattle Times' sketcher extraordinaire Gabi Campanario (who snapped the above photo), visit the Urban Sketchers > Seattle blog. In fact, if you just love Seattle and art, you should visit there often. They're always posting some great sketches from around the Sound.

IN OTHER NEWS: I finally updated my portfolio site, including a slightly adjusted version of my latest Trinity Western Magazine illustration:


Oh, c'mon. Like you can't relate. Please.

LASTLY: I've been posting art on my Twitter feed pretty regularly recently, stuff that may not ever make it onto my blog, so if you're interested, subscribe!

Okay, time for go to bed.