Keep it simple, ignoramus.

Monday Sketcharoo! 2Fall Just a few quick sketches about Autumn. I'm trying out this new drawing style where I keep the edges really ragged, the shapes simple, and the color monotone and loose. It's way more fun then my previous drawing style, where I keep the edges very smooth, the shapes complex, and never finish anything.

Any thoughts?

ALSO: And speaking of keeping it simple, I want to give a quick plug for a documentary currently in the works about Ed Emberley's classic drawing instruction book Make a World. I spent a lot of my childhood creating thumbprint animals and triangular dragons and orange and black Halloween bats by following the instructions in Emberley's books, and I think the idea of a film showing the impact of his magnum opus is a great idea. If you're not familiar with Emberley and his uncomplicated drawing style, go check him out next time you're in a bookstore. In the meantime, please visit the filmmakers' site and maybe even help them produce the film by buying a snazzy shirt.

But don't get a blue one. That's the one I want.