If you are reading this, things are worse than I could have imagined. The old gypsy must have been right about the curse of the monkey paw I bought off that mad scientist on Friday the 13th, that it would bring me nothing but bad luck and scabies. But the lure of unlimited power and the ultimate conversation piece was too great, so I didn't listen. Now I have paid the ultimate price. My blog, like all modern blogs, is linked to my heart via a monitor no bigger than a Yugo, so when my vital functions cease it automatically uploads one final post (you know, basic web 2.0 stuff).

Friends, this is that post.

But mourn me not! For my death is your gateway to a magical musical adventure. That's right, tonight, as I lay blue and lifeless at the bottom of a bathhouse jacuzzi, you gain access to my exclusive Hallowen mix MP3 (previously available only to high-ranking Obama cabinet members and the 1993 season cast of Baywatch). This is how I want to world to remember me, not for my combative YouTube comments or perpetual flatulence, but for my love of lite lite rock.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Killing Me Softly: A Halloween Mix & Album Art

(Right-click on the links to download)


1. 1939 - Hayden

2. A Home A House An Institution A Love A Doctor A Death Another Death - Adam Shearer And Adam Selzer

3. Dead Man - M. Ward

4. Mad World - Gary Jules

5. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Sufjan Stevens

6. Henry Lee - Shearwater

7. The Spider Song - Townes Van Zandt

8. Werewolf - Cat Power

9. Dark Was The Night - Kronos Quartet

10. I Came To Your Party Dress As a Shadow - Piano Magic

11. Hunter - Portishead

12. Dark Night of the Soul - Sparklehorse, Danger Mouse and David Lynch