Intelligent Plant

Progress Report

Intelligent Plant Process

After the ink and paint dries, the tape is removed, the piece is scanned into the computer and is adjusted in Photoshop to match vividness of the original, there is still one secret and oft forgotten step in the illustration-creation process: the ruthless criticism. I step back from the piece, take a good long look at it, bury my head in my hands and run to my bed like a teenage girl overreacting to her parent's discipline ("I HATE IT IT'S HORRIBLE I WISH I WERE DEAD! I'M GOING TO MARRY SCOTT AND RUNAWAY AND NEVER SEE IT AGAIN!")(Okay, maybe not that last bit about Scott. He is WAY out of my league).

In the morning, though, a more sober analysis is possible and I am able to clearly and objectively appraise it in all its monstrous glory. It's not my favorite piece or anything, and it does have its charm, but I wish it was a little brighter. I suppose that is what I get for setting a massive, ancient gray slab of wood in the dead center of the illustration. And considering each of the natural aspects of the piece have a similar pallor to them, the bloody redness of the artificial elements (hardhat, truck, chainsaw, sign) are that much more prominent (as was intended). Still though, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. But that's just me.

What say you all? Any comments, critiques, thoughts for next time, etc? Anyone spot Waldo in the piece?