Because David needs his taxes done, too.

Gnome Accountant

I'm a little bored with the world of fantasy illustration being populated by the same old elvish warriors, same old scantly-clad sorceresses, same old brutish orcs. It's about time someone romanticized the more mundane aspects of the fantasy realm. Hence, I've illustrated the important but under-appreciated art of gnomish accountancy.

Next up: secretarial trolls.

Now, a few perceptive souls among you have surely noticed the Monday Sketcharoo segment of the blog has not been seen for a while. In fact, although this is Monday, the above illustration is not something I'd call a Sketcharoo, so you can count this as another week in which I've deprived you of your Sketcharoo fix (is such a thing could be said to exist). And to be honest with you, having just undertaken the real deal illustration above, I kind of feel like I should do more of that style of work (traditional watercolor and ink illustration) as opposed to continuing spending all my time working on what I believe Wired magazine calls "computery-type drawings," which I enjoy doing, but ultimately don't want typifying my output. BUT, I liked having the accountability of finishing SOMETHING every week. But I can't promise a new traditional watercolor illustration EVERY WEEK! GAH! WHAT DO I DO, WHAT DO I DO!?

How about this, every Monday I'll still post SOMETHING, but it could be a newly completed Sketcharoo, OR it could be a progress report on a new traditional illustration I'm working on, featuring process sketches, watercoloring stages, etc? How's that sound? Or do you have another idea?

Lemme know what you think!