He's an inmate at Guantanapotamus Bay

Monday Sketcharoo! 2

Hunger Hunger Strike

The very idea that I may create a drawing that implies hunger strikes can be a trivial pursuit may boggle the minds of many of you. But before you get ants in the pants and put me on thin ice over this, know I mean no offense, and that an operation such as humorous illustration is not always a barrel of monkeys. Obviously, it requires the steady hand of a crocodile dentist. But you also need to be a taboo pusher while at the same time displaying the mannerly fastidiousness of a pretty pretty princess at a pizza party. Sometimes you strike the right balance and it's número uno, and other times no matter what you do it ends up being an artistic mouse trap. I'll admit, I don't always clue-in that my work achieves far, far less than perfection. But that's a risk I'm willing to take, and if need be, I'm willing to say, "Sorry! Next time I'll make better use of my crainium."

In the meantime, JENGA!