Because 'The Halfback of Notre Dame' was already taken

Monday Sketcharoo! 2 Quasimodo

HA! Thought I wasn't going to have anything to post this week, didn't you? Well I showed you! I got out... something.

It should be noted that the past couple of watercolor pieces were done using a Yasutomo Waterbrush that has a water reservoir built into the handle so you don't need to carry water with you when you want to do some watercoloring outside.


Pretty cool device if you ask me. Takes a little while to figure out how to use, but really helpful. For more impressive results with the brush, check out Gabi Campanario's sketch blog. Gabi's a Seattle Times illustrator who compelled me to pick up a waterbrush during the last Sketchcrawl I went on.

IN OTHER NEWS! WallBlank, purveyors of finely-crafted stuff for your walls, have opened up their vaults this week in celebration of being around one year and are once again selling MY PRINT along with many other quality pieces of art by quality artists (such as Zach Bulick's awesome awesome prints). If you missed your opportunity to pick up "La Marioneta" last time it was available, consider this a fortunate second chance - there may not be a third (probably there will be, but look, just buy it now, 'kay?). By the way, the quality is REALLY high on these things, I was totally impressed to see how my print came out; you will not be disappointed!