The Endless Pursuit of...?

Greed ArticleSorry about another Monday without a Sketcharoo; I was sick all last week and didn't have the energy to come up with something. However, I still have something to share this week! The latest issue of Trinity Western Magazine features a full-page watercolor illustration from yours truly for their article on greed. If you're not subscribed to that illustrious periodical, you can see the illustration in its proper context here.

As you can see, this illustration is fairly adult-oriented; all the characters are adults, and the vigor they display in going after that box is borderline psychotic. Trouble is, I'm trying to restrict the illustrations featured on my portfolio site to children-friendly/relevant work, and this piece in it's current form doesn't really make the cut. And that's where you come in.

I want to get rid of that big red box and grenade and replace them with something that makes the illustration more humorous or fun. Like, what if the mass of people were vying for a chicken in a sombrero, or a massive bowl of pudding, or a... a... I don't know what! Help me out! If you've got an idea for what to replace the box with, leave it in the comments section below. If I use your idea*, you won't win a prize or anything, but I will be very grateful for your help in making this illustration complete!

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your ideas!

*Just for the sake of being kosher legally and whatnot, this disclaimer notifies you that, in the event your idea is in fact used, all copyright to the image shall remain solely and entirely with me, Zack Rock. Participating communicates you understand your submission is for entertainment purposes only and no monetary compensation or any compensation at all beyond the appreciation of the artist should be expected. Did you know that, years after the album was released, one of the contracted backing singers hired to wail on The Dark Side of the Moon sued Pink Floyd for hundreds of thousands of dollars, citing that she was a contributing artist on the album and thereby was owed a slice of the profits? The weird thing is she absolutely ruined that track! It's like, "Oh, here's a nice instrumental bit," and then this lady starts screaming her head off like she's being prodded by a trowel or something. Anyway, I like to consider myself the Pink Floyd of unpublished children's book artists, so I have to make these disclaimers. You should also be aware that anything you say out loud while visiting my site can and will be recorded and played back later at parties when there's a lull in the conversation, or remixed into a drum and bass techno track. It's just something I do for side money. You may already be familiar with the hit single "I Don't Get It (Is that supposed to be Bigfoot?)" that's sweeping German discotheques. That was me, I released it under my DJ name, Q-Basick. Okay, that last bit is a lie.