It's camp! ZAP!

Monday Sketcharoo! 2 Batman and Robin

Hey everyone! I apologize for not getting out a Sketcharoo last week, but to sorta make up for it, this week's illustration kinda has a quasi-special bonus (of sorts). Along with the illustration above (which I'm sure requires no further comment), I've included below the original drawing the Sketcharoo was based on. That's the joy of illustrating in the computer, you get to keep the original drawing in pristine condition in the inevitable event that the Smithsonian wishes to display it. Seriously, these are the thoughts that go through my head when I draw. Oy.

Well, without further ado...

Batman and Robin Pencils

Interesting, no? It's like peering behind the magician's curtain and seeing the tiny, tuxedo-wearing demon that pulls the strings. Also, if you look closely, you can see the bottom of the feet of the Celibate Sasquatch from last Sketcharoo above Batman's head. Man, the Smithsonian's gonna LOVE getting this sketchbook page!