From: Me, To: You, With: Love

Monday Sketcharoo! 2

Hey everyone! This week's Monday Sketcharoo is a little (24 hours or so) late, BUT I think you'll agree it was worth the wait.

Have you ever gotten into something, so far in that you just lose yourself, you start bobbing your head and closing your eyes and maybe singing along with the song/jingle/filibuster? Well, buddy, then you were FEELIN' IT! That's right, ain't no shame, we all do it. However, there's never been an official way to show your feelin' for something... until now!

I’m Feelin’ It!

I bring you the 100% bona fide official I'm Feelin' It! stamp, free for anyone on or off the Internets to use! This helpful stamp of approval will let the world know exactly where you stand: you can print it out on stickers and slap them on your favorite library books, make a t-shirt out of it to wear to a crafts fair, or print it out on business cards to hand out to your favorite orators and eulogists! IT'S JUST THAT VERSITILE!

Here are some helpful examples:




So don't hide your feelin's any longer! Express yourself with the I'm Feelin' It! stamp! In fact, I think I'll get the ball rollin' with something I'm feelin' RIGHT NOW!