Rocket to my Art

Oftentimes, I’m required to create realistic documents that relay important information to characters, such as this rocket blueprint:lab_rocketbprints_d.jpg

And then there are times I have to create realistic documents that include no real information whatsoever, documents that are basically set dressing. They still require all the elements you’d expects on an important document, but most of the time you won’t ever be able to clearly read the document’s text. Heck, you probably can’t even see the images on them while you play the game.

Anyway, since these kind of assets tend to be sorta boring to create, I try to entertain myself while I put them together by writing extremely absurd things in the places you’d normally find something useful. And since this is my blog, and these gems of wit (ahem) would otherwise go unread, I decided to post them here. Enjoy as best you can.

Oh, and this’ll be the last post I’ll do about my work on Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy, so if you want to check out any more of my work on the game, BUY IT.

lab_miscrocketbp3_d.jpg lab_miscrocketbp2_d.jpglab_miscrocketbp1_d.jpglab_sciencejournal_d.jpg

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