A Very Maryniuk Marriage

Monday Sketcharoo!Heyheyheyheyheyheyhey! Tomorrow is the big day! Time to find out if Obamarama will sweep the nation, or if instead I'll have to immigrate to Canada! EXCITING TIMES! Since I voted last Saturday, I've got nothing to do tomorrow but sit on pins and needles and hope McCain supporters spontaneously combust at the polls (haha, I kid! It doesn't have to be spontaneous).* And speaking of flammable McCain supporters, my friends Jonathan and Krista were recently wed in Kelowna, BC, a beautiful town at the heart of the BC wine industry and home to Lord Chumley's Seafood Restaurant (true fact!). My wife and I, together with a few friends, decided to turn the trip into a camping excursion, which was loads of fun once I muscled past my minor camping anxiety that - since I was asked to MC the event - was compounded by performance anxiety, and further exacerbated by my ever-present anxiety about existence in general. Along with me on this trip I brought a sketchbook I've dedicated to immortalizing precious moments, images from which I will now share.


And mark this date: today's the first time a Monday Sketcharoo features actual sketches!


*No, really I am only kidding. But please, I beg you, don't vote for McCain.