The Only Town in British Columbia Endorsed By the Obama Campaign

Monday Sketcharoo!What do you think of when you hear the word "Rambo"? Do you immediately remember a plate of chicken fingers that were hard enough on the outside to crack molars and rubbery enough inside to be used as a makeshift slingshot for french fries so cold and tasteless they make you second-guess the inherent goodness of humanity? Then you, my friend, have not spent enough time in the town of Hope, British Columbia! Not only is Hope the filming site of that Stallone classic, it's also home to many fine and friendly commercial establishments, such as the Suzie Q Family Restaurant, and the Hope Souvenir Shoppe and Logging Museum,  and a liquor store, and another liquor store. So, if you're ever lost on your way to Edmonton and are forced to choose between getting mauled by wolverines as you and your loved ones sleep in your station wagon, or embracing the flannel-soft bosom of a small, strange little town, take a chance on Hope!

Hope Idiot

The above image was inspired by the expression of a man riding a whitewater raft on the cover of the Hope tourism guide I picked up while my wife Amber and I enjoyed our honeymoon at a friend's cabin up there in the Great White North. I knew I couldn't do justice to the schmucky look the guy wore, but nonetheless I felt compelled to immortalize it in ink. And I kid Hope. It's a tiny speck of a town with minimal amenities, true. But it does what a town in the middle of British Columbia should do: remain quiet and let the overwhelming splendor of Super, Natural British Columbia hypnotize you into spending hundred of dollars to take a gondola ride across a gorge (there's fudge on the other side!). And for that, I salute you, Hope.