Contestaroo Winner!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd time’s up! Please put your pencils down and swap puns with your neighbor. To recap, you were challenged to find the correct title for the image I have here on the overhead projector:

Contestaroo Answer Key


As you can see, there is a giant bird on a certain type of automobile chasing an elephant. The bird, as the clue from last week eluded to (hope you took notes), was a roc, a creature made famous in such literature as 1,001 Nights and the journals of Marco Polo. The elephant was added for scale, since the roc is known to be large enough to carry the pachyderm in its massive talons. The type of automobile is actually a go-kart, made large enough to fit a roc. And if a kart is made specifically for a roc, it is a “roc kart.” And if it is drawn by me, Zack Rock, that “roc kart” is a piece of “Rock art.” Hence, I will accept as a title for this image either:

Rock Art: Roc Kart


Roc Kart = Rock Art

Or, heck, even

Roc Kart? Rock Art

Anything like that. Now, check your neighbor’s answer to see if they got it right. Please pass the puns to the front. Let’s see here… hmmmm… I see... oh my, so it seems that not one of you got the correct answer. And since this was the final, I suppose I’ll have to recommend most of you take Remedial Punnery next semester.

However, since I grade on the curve, we need at least one A+ student, and based on my own subjective sense of humor the funniest pun of the bunch was submitted by class president and all-star quarterback Chris Lopez for his submission: Republicans Run, Ill-eagle Race! Congratulations, Lopez! Looks like I’ll be drawing your portrait for an upcoming Monday Sketcharoo! Hand in some photographs of yourself and I’ll see what I can do.

Oops, that’s the bell. Thank you all for participating! All the submissions were great, I wish I had prizes for runner-ups! We’ll have to do this again soon!