It's the Final Countdown!

This is a reminder that today is the LAST DAY to get in your submission for the now world-famous and celebrity-endorsed Contestaroo! I've got a lot of great puns piled up in the comments section, but so far none of them are the correct title of the drawing. Tomorrow, in the event no-one figures out the actual title, I will reveal it AND, I'll pick the best pun from the lot. It's author will have bestowed upon him/her the Grand Prize: their glorious visage made immortal by my skilled hands (i. e., I draw yer mug). So send in your final hour submissions, keep the clue in mind, and best of luck to ye!

NOTE: Monday Sketcharoo will return tomorrow with a brand new sketch. That's right! It'll be Monday on a Tuesday, just like the old fortune-telling crone predicted!