2-D Fruity: A Menagerie of Imagery

My job responsibilities go beyond just creating 2-D textures for 3-D models. Since I have to create all the 2-D elements for a game environment, I find myself drawing everything from posters advertising polio vaccinations to blueprints of rockets. This means I have to work in a plethora of styles while maintaining a sense of authenticity for each particular element.

For example, the pub environment I talked about last post needed art for the pull tabs in the serving bar. Easy enough, I just needed to create convincing, root beer label-style art for the different products:Beer Labels

Folksy and cartoonish, no problem. However, another environment called for old photographs of a character's family members. Since, for legal reasons, we can't just snag a photo from the Internet and throw that in the game, I had to draw photo-realistic images from scratch:

Old Photo

Spooky, eh? This was obviously a bit more difficult than the pull tabs, but I welcomed the opportunity to stretch my skills beyond my artistic comfort zone. And that's the best part of this aspect of my job, getting experience in styles I never would have considered working in before.

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