Monday Sketcharoo!

UPDATE: So, my sources tell me my contest may be a little too difficult (especially in light for the meager prize). HENCE, the rules have changed! If you get me the correct pun before anyone else, you will still be deemed the winner. However, if, in TWO WEEKS, nobody has the right answer, I will select the funniest pun and that person will win the prize! Sound good?


ORIGINAL POST: Hello everyone! It's Monday, meaning it's time for another Monday Sketcharoo piece to be posted for your enjoyment. HOWEVER, today's Sketcharoo is going to be a little different. Below you will find a sketch I did a while back, gussied up a bit, but with something important missing from it. That something is its title. The original title for this drawing was a pun comprised of four words and one piece of punctuation. If you can figure out the words and punctuation in their correct succession and post them in the comments section below, I will personally draw you in an upcoming Monday Sketcharoo!* I personally will. This will not be one of those jobs I pass off to my cat. No, you'll get the winner's treatment.

So get punning!

Sketcharoo Contest!

**************I'm sure it doesn't have to be said, but I'll say it regardless: if you already have seen the drawing in my sketchbook and know full well the title of the piece, you are not allowed to comment! Sorry! I promise I'll do another one in the near future, though!