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Monday Sketcharoo! Glue Art

Well now! Due to the overwhelming response to the last post (8 comments! New record!), I have decided to start posting a weekly sketch from the deep, slimy, bat-infested vaults of my old and current sketchbooks (you wouldn't believe how much extra they charge for the sketchbooks with the vaults). Above you'll find the very first Monday Sketcharoo sketch, dating from around a year ago. I started with the drawing of the tube of glue, and then decided to add the rest of the elements. And in case you couldn't tell, that's a caricature of myself (no, the guy next to the bird).

The really interesting thing about this sketch is it uses eerily similar motifs I employed in a comic I had done 2 years prior (posted below), drawn as part of the admission paperwork I had to complete when I applied to the Center for Cartoon Studies. Pretentious art babble, a bird art connoisseur, turtlenecks and goatees employed as signifiers of one steeped in the contemporary art world... it's all there. Yet it took me a full two days to realize that I've done this all before. I guess it just goes to prove that old adage: "Good artists copy, great artists steal, and lousy artists just reuse the same dumb gags they made two years earlier."

Hope you like poop jokes!

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Wasn't that... special?