Brian and John: The Next Garfield???

Hello again, patient readers! Thought you'd never hear from me again, did you? Hahaha... right, well, yes, I do hear 9 out of 10 vaguely- defined illustration blogs never survive to see their third post. Seriously. Fox News did this whole report on it, so it must be true.

Anyway, today I'd like to introduce you all to my best friend Brian's latest infuriatingly terrific accomplishment: "Brian and John"! "Brian and John" is one of those quirky webcomics whose comedy engine is fueled by the true-to-life, whimsical observations of the strip's two real-life protagonists. And then adds dinosaurs, robots and shotguns. So it's kind of like "Cathy," only with dinosaurs, robots and shotguns. And humor. Here's the latest strip:

Brian and John

It's updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and since you surely have better things to do with your brain then remember to check their actual site three times a week, just add it to your Google Reader and be done with it.

As for me, I've been doing a lot of fun illustrations for Her Interactive, exactly ZERO of which I'm allow to show you until the new Nancy Drew PC game is out in October. So, to justify this blog's continued existence, I've been considering starting to post a new sketch every week. These would be half-finished pencil renderings, drawings done in a style I don't usually work in, quickie watercolors, etc... basically a grab bag from my sketchbooks with the occasionally commentary. I dunno, how would that sound to you guys? If I could get... let's say FIVE non-wife readers of this blog to support that, I'll start doing it. Just lay done yer thoughts in the comments section.

Okay! That's all from me.