A little chocolate with your Easter...?

Theo LogoYesterday Amber and I (finally) took the time to visit Seattle's rendition of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory: Theo Chocolate. To say I'm a fan of their chocolate doesn't quite express the near transcendent experience I routinely have when devouring their goods, so the visit to the Theo tasting room was something of a pilgrimage of deliciousness. If you're in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, you owe it to yourself to take a trip; the free chocolate samples alone are worth it. For those already experienced in Theo's chocolaty craftsmanship, you should know their two new 3400 Phinney bars, Hazelnut Crunch Milk Chocolate and Fig, Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate, are some of the best they've concocted, and thus far I haven't seen them outside the tasting room. For those who have, for whatever reason, no taste for chocolate, like your allergic to brown food or you lost your tongue in a fire, let me present Theo's visual goodness: 3400 Phinney

Designed by the good people at KittenChops, the wrappers were the only reason I even tried my first 3400 Phinney bar (it was the Bread and Chocolate one. How can you say no to that kitty?).

In conclusion, I'm a sucker for quality chocolate wrapped in quality illustration. Oh, and as a passing bit of guidance, if you happen to pick up Theo's special Venezuelan 91% dark chocolate bar at your local hippiemart, don't eat it straight. Bake it into a cake or something. 91% cocoa is just... not... pleasant...

Okay, that's it. Happy Easter!