Hired!That's right, this coming Monday I'll be abandoning my current position as a starving artist (well, more peckish really) and join the art team at Her Interactive, Inc. as a full-time, full-stomached 2-D artist. Her Interactive, Inc. create the Nancy Drew series for the PC, and are one of the few remaining companies to specialize in one of my favorite genres, adventure games. I'll be helping to create both the world environments and ancillary artwork found throughout their games. The position will not only give me the opportunity to work on my environment rendering skills, but will also allow me to speak with authority on all matters related to computer games. Example: Who would win in a fight between Pac-Man and Reader Rabbit? Answer: Reader Rabbit. I should know. I'm in the industry. In other news, a short comic I did for Bluewater Comics has recently been released. You can find it (if you must) in the back of "Ray Harryhausen Presents Jason and the Argonauts: The Kingdom of Hades" #2. And don't be fooled by the fact that my name does not appear on the cover or the masthead, or that the cover clearly states the bonus material at the back of the comic is a "Pin-Up Section" of Harryhausen original art. No, don't be fooled by all this. Because my comic is really there.

That is all.