Free Cutesy Wootsey Aminals!

OwlWhale Here are a couple of images I whipped up this morning for a baby shower. That's right, I went to a baby shower. I felt like I was being allowed access to a sacred female ritual that I have never, ever, had desire to witness. It actually wasn't bad at all, and I won a bunch of See's candy suckers at the onesie design contest they held. Not for the images above that were made specifically for the contest, though. No no no. I won because I also made a onesie using a previously watercolored image of the mother-to-be's chihuahuas. Sneaky, eh?

So, as far as I'm concerned, these images are free for the reproducing. Heck, they're so derivative of other, similar designs that I'd probably get sued trying to make any money off'em. So go nuts.

They look great on onesies.