Master Wallis

Master WallisOkay, so I've finally figured out who Evangelical writer, political activist, Harvard professor and founder of Sojourners Jim Wallis reminds me of: Yoda. Not in the way he speaks, not in his demeanor. It's just his appearance. By the way, I've been reading Wallis' blog lately, and I'm amazed at how much injustice slips through the cracks. Did you know slavery still exists in America, and it's being perpetuated by that monarch of meat Burger King. The company they get their tomatoes from were recently "indicted in federal court on charges of indentured servitude and peonage." Indentured servitude and peonage, that old-time favorite from the Medieval Era, still alive and kicking in America. That's why he's a Burger King, and not a Burger Prime Minister.